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User Guide

Visit to learn how to sync, organize, and share your pictures.

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Public Forums

If you need help installing our software at home, you are welcome to post your question in GitHub Discussions or ask in our Community Chat.

Community Chat

Our community chat is open to everyone, so you can connect with other users, get help, and provide help to others.

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Troubleshooting Checklists

Common problems can be quickly diagnosed and solved using the Troubleshooting Checklists in Getting Started.

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Known Issues

Find helpful background information on currently unresolved issues and learn what workarounds are available.

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PhotoPrism+ Membership

As a member, you can additionally get access to the following support options:

Private Chat

Plus members are welcome to join our private chat on to connect with our team and other users.

Email Support

Silver, Gold and Platinum members are also welcome to email us for technical support and advice.

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Commercial Support

Response and resolution times are based on the support level you have chosen. Our team will make reasonable efforts to meet response and resolution times for issues that fall within the scope of its own software. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CET, excluding holidays.

Reporting Bugs

Before reporting a bug, please use our Troubleshooting Checklists to determine the cause of your problem. If you have a general question, need help, it could be a local configuration issue, or a misunderstanding in how the software works:

When reporting a problem, always include the software versions you are using and other information about your environment such as browser, browser plugins, operating system, storage type, memory size, and processor.

We kindly ask you not to report bugs via GitHub Issues unless you are certain to have found a fully reproducible and previously unreported issue that must be fixed directly in the app.

All issue subscribers receive an email notification from GitHub whenever a new comment is added, so these should only be used for sharing important information and not for discussions, questions or expressing personal opinions.