Michael Mayer

Co-Founder, Core Developer

Michael learned coding on an Atari 1040 ST, survived Usenet, and got involved with the Web and Open Source in the early 90s.

Prior to founding PhotoPrism, he spent more than two decades advising startups and corporate clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes-Benz and many others.

You can find him on GitHub and LinkedIn.

Michael Mayer

Theresa Gresch

Co-Founder, Product & Community

Theresa holds a Master's degree in Neurobiology and enjoys every opportunity to dive deeper into machine learning.

Before starting to work on PhotoPrism, she used her organizational skills as a freelance product manager at startups and creative agencies.

You can find her on GitHub and LinkedIn.

Theresa Gresch


Andrea Ceroni

Scientific Advisor

Andrea is a data scientist specialized in temporal information retrieval and machine learning. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Leibniz University of Hannover (L3S Research Center) and wrote numerous papers on topics such as Personal Photo Management and Preservation and Photo Selection Models for Personal Photo Collections.

You can find him on Google Scholar and LinkedIn.

Guy Sheffer

Raspberry Pi Specialist

Known as GuySoft on the web. Active developer in the Free Software and Maker community. Creator of OctoPi and FullPageOS, which have hundreds of thousands of downloads. Raspberry Pi distro expert. Currently, VP R&D and Co-Founder at ShapeDo.

Heiko Mathes

Frontend Performance Specialist

Heiko supports the project with his outstanding talent and extensive experience in frontend development. He especially enjoys TypeScript as well as debugging and solving performance bottlenecks of any kind.

You can find him on GitHub and Twitter.

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