Architecture Diagram

Developer Guide

Our Developer Guide contains all the information you need to get started as a developer. It guides you from setting up your development environment and creating pull requests to running tests and adding translations. Multiple subsections provide details on specific features and links to external resources for further information.

Want to learn more about our development practices? Our approach relies heavily on agile methodologies with a high degree of automation and continuous integration. Many of the best practices we use and have proven to be effective are described in Quality and Best Practices.

GitHub Repository

The source code, including automated tests and a readme file that gives a short and concise overview of the project, can be found on GitHub at

API Documentation

GoDoc automatically generates an API reference for developers based on our public source code.

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Database Schema

Information about the index database schema is provided as an entity-relationship diagram, Mermaid.js markup, and MariaDB-compatible SQL:

The entity models as part of our public source code also serve as a form of documentation that can be well used by many developers. Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements if you need additional technical documentation.

PhotoPrism® Documentation

For detailed information on specific product features, services, and related resources, see our Knowledge Base, or read the User Guide for help using the web user interface: